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Insects run our cities [ABC Radio National ‘Blueprint for Living’: August 18th, 2018]

The secret life of urban butterflies [Melbourne Magazine: August, 2018]

Wild City [Artplay: June , 2018]

Finding the little things that make our city special [Wild Melbourne: April 30th, 2018]

The big impact of the little things [Magic Casements: April 18th, 2018]

Bring nature back into cities, planners told [GovernmentNews: December 4th, 2017]

Creepy crawler crusaders [Melbourne Magazine: June/July 2017]

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Has the lawn outlived its purpose? [ABC Radio National ‘Blueprint for Living’: March 11th, 2017]

How bringing nature to cities makes everything better [Adventure Journal: March 6th, 2017]

Bringing nature back to cities is good for plant, animals and humans [Ensia: October 16th, 2016]

Hanging on to what’s golden [National Environmental Science Programme – Threatened Species Recovery Hub: October 12th, 2016]

Researchers on journey to new discoveries with $2.3m ARC grants [RMIT News: May 23rd, 2016]

Greener cities the key to happier, healthier, stress-free lives [The Age: January 26th, 2016]

Can cities save bees? [The Nature of Cities: January 20th, 2016]

Sustainability science for urban pollinator research and conservation [Ecojesuit: January 15th, 2016]

Pop-up parks provide more than a patch of grass [RMIT News: November 17th, 2014]

Scientist Sees Squirrel

Seldom original. Often wrong. Occasionally interesting.

Ecology Ngātahi

working together to understand ecological interconnections

life. on.the.verge.

On roadsides, remnants and life as a researcher

Mark W. Schwartz

Management relevant conservation research

Poky Ecology

Exploring the weird and wonderful lives of tiny organisms.

Kirsten Parris

School of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences, The University of Melbourne

Conservation research ... with bite

The Prairie Ecologist

Essays, photos, and discussion about prairie ecology, restoration, and management

Tesselations In Nature

A blog about science, natural history and games

Dynamic Ecology

Multa novit vulpes

The Smaller Majority

Tales of Nature and Photography by Piotr Naskrecki

Michelle Freeman's Research

"From little things big things grow" - Paul Kelly and Kev Carmody

Citizen Science Association

A community of practice for the field of public participation in scientific research.


art inspiring nature conservation

The Applied Ecologist's Blog

Bridging the gap between researchers, practitioners and policymakers

The CAUL Hub

the website of the Clean Air & Urban Landscapes hub

Arthropod Ecology

Writings about arthropod ecology, arachnids & academia at McGill University


A topnotch site

Ideas for Sustainability

A blog by Joern Fischer and his collaborators on sustainability and landscape ecology: engaging your head and your heart



UGEC Viewpoints

A Blog on Urbanization and Global Environmental Change

strange behaviors

Cool doings from the natural and human worlds

Rewilding the City

architecture and untame urbanism

Fiona Fidler's Research

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